Visual Arts/Media

Wacbiz is proud to represent and/or partner with these artists and directors. For further information contact:


Hatchling Studios/Marc Dole- Founder/CEO
Check out their animated and live action properties; The Toll and The Norman Rockwell Code, as well as their services in the animation, 3D, advertising and web world.

George DuBose- Photographer
Check out his catalogue, photography, fine art and find out more about Wonderland Studio-Cologne. Gimme Danger was his hot WACBIZ project for 2008...

Nahum Chiappa

Jonathan Walls

Eric Hurt/Pillage and Plunder Pictures
Eric shoots on the Red One camera ( This is a cutting edge super HD camera that is currently being used by Peter Jackson and Steven Sodenburg (just to name two). Check out WACBIZ Artist Mieka Pauley's hit Music Video "Secret," directed, and produced by Eric Hurt!

Visual Arts

Carolee Schneemann
Multidisciplinary Artist

John K. Lawson
Visual Artist/Painter/Film Maker/Author

Terrie Pipa
Visual Artist/Painter/Installation

Chris McWilliams
Visual Artist/Painter/Illustrator

Rick Loya
Visual Artist/Painter

Marshall Carbee
Visual Artist/Painter/

Justin Love
Visual Artist/Painter/Musician

Ruth Wetzel
Visual Artist/Painter/Environmental