As the music industry undergoes the rapidly transforming state of the digital music world, WACBIZ Writer's, Artist's & Composers provides a home for world-class, independent musicians.   WACBIZ represents and licenses the catalogues of over 200 professional acts -- from Duncan Sheik to Danny Aiello, and those who have recorded and toured with the likes of Peter Gabriel, David Bowie, Jeff Buckley, Suzanne Vega, Tom Petty and many, many more.  Based in New York State's Mid-Hudson Valley, WACBIZ presents professionally mastered music from all genres, including world-beat, contemporary, rock, pop, reggae and classical -- with 40 albums from the Tchaikovsky Symphony of compositions ranging from Bach to Vivaldi, courtesy of Tigor Media.

Conceived in 2003, WACBIZ emerged out of the music industry at a time when the future was unclear and established artists were losing their deals due to the volatility of the business.   Simultaneously, emerging talent was being presented with new, innovative options in independence. WACBIZ set its sights and goals for these independent artists, writers, and producers to work cooperatively as a team, with a network of executives at the core providing the leadership needed to develop a new movement in the music industry.

WACBIZ offers expertise at every level.   We strive to protect the compositions and copyrights artists have worked hard to create while providing excellent administrative services to music supervisors and licensors for film, television and advertising. With a catalogue of over 10,000 songs and a vast network of professional recording studios, producers, composers, arrangers and musicians for original scores, WACBIZ presents the best in world-class talent to those who truly love music, facing the future of the industry together.

Suzanne Hilleary- Founder/President

After striking an interest in Digital Music and Technology, her experience from RPM & Tony Bennett to placing "Smooth" with Carlos Santana, garnishing a Grammy for Song of the Year in 2000 for her client, Itaal Shur. Suzanne has drawn on her years of arts & entertainment management experience. She and her partners have a vast network of multi media contacts, together they form WACBIZ, Writers' & Artists' Cooperative.

Michael Visceglia- VP A&R

Two decades as Musical Director for Suzanne Vega and producing hundreds of records, touring worldwide with artists as diverse as John Cale, Valerie Carter, Dar Williams to Bette Midler. Michael's world class musical talent and A&R ear gives a creative balance to our team of music industry veterans. He is a true artist himself.

Janover Rubinroit, LLC- Business Management

Steve White and Brenda Curry provide this team amazing expertise in the areas of royalty accounting, business strategies and overall industry compliance.